Painting Through My Fears

nebula_1This painting is based on some of the images I have seen that were taken of the universe from the Hubble telescope. Let me tell you why I painted it.

As a teen, I flew out to California to spend part of the Summer with my cousin. During that flight, I looked out the window as we were coming into the Los Angeles area. As we were making our descent, I could make out roads, then buildings, and then individual vehicles and finally people. People looked so small from that height. I felt so small.

I had a moment of incredible fear thinking about a Creator that was big enough to manage it all — a God who could know the thoughts of the billions of people on earth. I eventually reconciled these thoughts with a God that powerful —  that is, until I saw the images that came back from the Hubble telescope. The same awestruck fear hit me — only greater.

When I was a kid, scientists wondered what was beyond our own galaxy. We had no idea the size of the universe. It still cannot be measured. In some of those images, what appears to be a star is actually a galaxy. In ONE section of the deep space images they have counted over 10,000 galaxies — with hundreds of billions of stars in each galaxy.

We ARE small — incredibly small. How anyone can look at those images of the universe and not have a sense of awestruck wonder is beyond me.

While I was painting this image, I keep thinking how fun it must have been for the Creator to make the universe. God is most certainly an abstract painter.



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