Joy and Pain |24″x24″ acrylic on canvas | NFS

Mark had over 30 years experience as a Graphic Designer before a water sports accident in the Summer of 2015 when he detached both retinas. In his words, “I can see good enough to drive but not good enough to continue doing work at a computer all day.” As a result, he is pursuing art as a full-time passion.

He began painting again during the “Great Recession”. He loves to create and to build. He gets to use both of these passions creating art.

“Inspiration for my work comes from all over. Sometimes it’s a photo I have taken, a photo I have seen, a color pallet that I like, or just an idea.

To me, good abstract art conveys “passionate intentionality”. You should be able to feel some of what the artist was feeling when he/she was in the process of painting. Abstract is to fine art like jazz is to music.

When I began painting abstracts, the idea that kept running through my head was “beautiful chaos”. “That’s the way I see creation. I see the beauty everywhere even in things that look pretty random or chaotic on a surface level.”

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